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澳门赌博送彩金体验:Significant differentiation in the performance of private equity public fund-raising last year into a big winner

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内容摘要: Private equity performance split very clearly last year, large private equity - in particular, some tens of billions of private equity outs...

Private equity performance split very clearly last year, large private equity - in particular, some tens of billions of private equity outstanding performance.

Public fund-raising becomes one of the big winners if you simply distinguish the sources of fund managers.

Scale is no longer an enemy of returns

For a long time, there is an iron law in the field of investment. The scale of capital and the rate of return often can not be combined. This experience was broken by the market last year. According to the statistics from Research Center for Statistics, there are 27 private equity securities in the private equity market with an average annual return of 15.5% in 2017, leading all sizes and significantly exceeding the industry average of 8.49%.

According to the Securities Times reporter understands that last year's billions of private equity in the private equity, King Lam assets and the return rate of high-Yi assets lead, and these two companies have long been the value of investment. Among them, King Lam Asset founder Jiang Jinzhi served as general manager of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Treasury and Futures Department, Guoxin Securities Assistant President (in charge of asset management business), the beginning of 2004 to establish King Lam assets so far, the management of more than the product after the year Compound rate of return of more than 25%, the current King Forest Asset Management has exceeded 20 billion yuan.

Of billions of private equity, it is worth mentioning Yongan wealth management company. The private equity was established in early 2015, rarely involved in various types of ranking and selection of the company chairman Xiao Guoping Yong served as the head of the futures department, from the initial futures investment to the stock market now, Xiao Guoping's transformation was very successful. The past two years the rapid development of the company, the current management scale has been close to 30 billion last year, the yield remained at 20% or more.

Ginger or the old spicy

There was another highlight in last year's market. A number of well-known private placement such as Suzaku, Star Stone and Elite Times ushered in their 10th birthday, leaving a significant footnote for the development of the private placement industry. Judging from the management performance, these 10-year private placement also fully proved that ginger is still old and spicy. As of December 15 last year, the establishment of private equity in more than 10 years received an average return of 11.17%.

According to the statistics of the Research Center, there are 40 securities-type private placement institutions that have been established for 10 years or have been in production for more than 10 years. Among them, Jinglin Asset Representative product annualized revenue was 25.44%, ranked first in the industry.

Public Offerings Winners

If according to the experience of fund managers, public offering becomes the winner of the private equity industry last year. Data show that in 2017, the average yield of public offering in private placement of shares was 16.6%, higher than the 12.08% of the brokerage houses and even 6.49% of the leading non-governmental units. In the long run, non-governmental parties performed better in 2015 and 2016, and the yield of public offering in 2015 was not prominent.

Most of the established public offering representatives came from the first batch of public spree in 2007, such as Zhao Jun, Jiang Hui, Cheng Yiquan, Shi Bo, Xiao Hua and Chen Jialin, all well known in the industry.

where rock stars investment chairman Jiang Hui has over 20 years of research management experience in fund investment, has been involved in the preparations for Huaxia Fund and ICBC Credit Suisse Asset other large established public offering fund , managed fund-hing and fund Xinghua , Huaxia returns and ICBC Credit Suisse core values ??and many other well-known fund products, good at accurately grasp the medium and long-term market trends. Today, Star Stone investment management has exceeded 10 billion. In investment management, the implementation of "investment decision-making under the leadership of the multi-fund manager accountability system", its long-term stock strategy fund investment strategy using the same investment.

Almost every year, after 2007, public fund managers are running their jobs. Among them, in 2014, the former South Fund Investment Director Qiu Guilu after the departure of the establishment of high Yi assets, the company brought together a number from the public offering of celebrity investment manager. In recent years, the company's management performance in the private placement industry is very prominent.





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